Broke? Try Pringles Miniputt


Love to play miniature golf but don’t feel like shelling out $10 a game? Create your own!

All you have to do is take a can of Pringles, eat that shit up and then slice it down the sides. You’ll then be able to bat around golf balls all day inside your nice, big office.

No Pringles? Try gettin’ busy with a soda bottle or soup can.

Link (Thanks, Rondofo, Fungus Amungus and crew)

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  1. Did you get permission to post this? Because I KNOW this isn’t your info. I suppose this is publicity, but you still need permission when taking someone else’s picture.

    If anything, give Instructables credit, and also the members Randofo, Tetranitrate, and Fungus Amungus credit for doing this and using their picture.

  2. Skate,

    Don’t see what the problem is here. Proper citation to Instructables has been given.

    If you’d like to relax and act civil for a second, I’d be glad to add in the names of the creators. Just let me know.

  3. Oh, it wasn’t a big problem. But thanks for addin’ them in!
    Sorry for going off. Feel free to get rid of the other comment.

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