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Shadow Caddy is Relentlessly On The Ball

The Shadow Caddy is helpful in that “I’m always watching you” stalkerish sort of way. Rather than hiring some lazy and pathetic pile of human flesh to disappoint you with his sub-par caddying skills, the hands-free Shadow Caddy follows you effortlessly by tracking a transmitter which is simply snapped right onto your belt. Plus, it really wants to make sweet ...

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R/C Putter Bot Putts So You Won’t Have To Leave Your Seat

Remember that R/C Tortoise and the Swashbot, from the folks at Crabfu? They’re still hard at it, coming up with some awesome new robots. The latest on the line is the Putter Bot, a remote-controlled golfing robot. Actually, make that putting robot as I doubt this little guy is capable of a long drive without a driver. Getting through the ...

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Broke? Try Pringles Miniputt

Love to play miniature golf but don’t feel like shelling out $10 a game? Create your own! All you have to do is take a can of Pringles, eat that shit up and then slice it down the sides. You’ll then be able to bat around golf balls all day inside your nice, big office. No Pringles? Try gettin’ busy ...

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