Brabus Rims for Mercedes

Who is Brabus? This is a German tuning studio specializing in improving the characteristics and productivity of standard vehicles for Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, and Smart Car. 

Brabus-tuned vehicles offer several advantages over normal ones, including, obviously, alloy rims.

Brabus rims are marked using Roman numbers. For example:

  • Brabus Monoblock 4 (IV)
  • Brabus Monoblock 2 (II)
  • etc.

To accommodate individual preferences and car requirements, they are available in a wide selection of sizes.

What are monoblock wheels?

One-piece monobloc discs are made from a single piece of aluminum. Forged wheels are obtained by volumetric hot stamping in 2-3 passes in closed dies.

They are stamped on hydraulic presses with a capacity of 6 to 20 thousand tons. The workpiece in this case has the form of a “pan”. Then the stamping is heat treated.

Once the metal block is forged, it is placed in a milling machine where the metal is cut off and the pattern is cut into the wheel. Machining stages: turning, milling (at this stage the design of the disc is formed), drilling, and applying paintwork.

Monobloc wheels are dependable and long-lasting thanks to their forged structure, which also increases their strength, weight, and performance advantages.

How are Brabus monoblock wheels different? 

Wheels made by Brabus are forged using contemporary methods. Their rims have staggered spokes that reach the outside edge of the rim flange. In doing so, they emphasize three-dimensional geometry and raise the wheels’ impressiveness. The component is made lighter and has a more attractive appearance thanks to a forged wheels included undercut.

They have a stamped Brabus symbol and, as all Brabus rims, are made with meticulous care and precision. Brabus wheels are equipped with original Mercedes-Benz pressure monitoring systems and are ready for use.

Original or replica?

Created by professionals, Brabus wheels are hand-painted and polished, after which they undergo quality control. Products are cast frames, each of them is subject to certification, and a personal passport is drawn up for it.

However, there are replica Brabus wheels on the market that are exact copies of original products made in China or Taiwan. The cost, in this case, is much less, naturally, such analogs are inferior in quality.

If you need original Brabus wheels, then you should contact trusted and reliable suppliers like Mercteil. Mercteil offers Brabus wheels for all Mercedes vehicles, whether you need replacement tires for your existing Brabus or you just want to add Brabus wheels to your Mercedes-Benz to improve its looks and handling.


Original discs, depending on the design features, are divided into several series.

  • A-series. The A-series boasts six-spoke silver-colored Brabus wheels. We are talking about a prefabricated structure that has undergone a maximum degree of polishing.
  • E-series. The “E” collection has an identical color, but the design is characterized by the presence of nine spokes and a polished rim. There is a platinum edition that is compatible exclusively with Widestar body kits. Naturally, Brabus replica wheels do not boast such exclusive details.
  • F-series. The greatest interest among motorists is the collection “F”. Its design is characterized by the intersection of the spokes.
  • G-series. The “G” wheel also looks great, with up to five double spokes painted in titanium color.
  • Q-series. Products from the “Q” collection are equipped with double knitting needles, polished, and most importantly, painted in an anthracite black color scheme.
  • S-series. The “S” series looks much simpler. Here we are talking about double-polished knitting needles that have a silver color.
  • Z-series. This collection is best told by live examples. This year studio Brabus modified the Porsche Taycan Turbo S electric car, giving the car a very stylish body kit. Among other things, the car is equipped with 22-inch forged Brabus Monoblock Z “Platinum Edition” wheels with an exclusive “Signature Black” finish, giving a stunning look and maximum durability.


Brabus wheel sizes vary. The smallest diameter is only 18 inches, but there are real giants with the R23 size. Mostly, we are talking about limited platinum editions. Due to their large size, these wheels are only compatible with low-profile tires. 

You can find a series with diamond polishing and a monoblock structure, which looks especially impressive.


Each of the Brabus wheel collections has its own characteristics, thanks to which it is recognizable. Car enthusiasts purchase products from this company because of the high quality and great design.

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