Boskke�s Upside Down Sky Planters Save Water And Get In Your Way

Oh my! Has the world turned upside down!? No, it’s just these household plants hanging upside down from the ceiling. The designer, Patrick Morris, had the strange desire to hang potted plants from his ceiling. After many trial and error attempts and a lot of soiled furniture, Patrick came up with a unique reservoir system that feeds water directly to the roots without leaks or evaporation, using up to 90% less water than ordinary pots. He’s calling it the Sky Planter.

Realizing the unlimited potential upside down plants have, Patrick and his brother formed Boskke, their New Zealand-based company which sells the Sky Planter for $75 to $195. The best part: You’ve only got to water your plants once or twice a month. The downside: you need a ladder to water them.

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