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Boskke�s Upside Down Sky Planters Save Water And Get In Your Way

Oh my! Has the world turned upside down!? No, it’s just these household plants hanging upside down from the ceiling. The designer, Patrick Morris, had the strange desire to hang potted plants from his ceiling. After many trial and error attempts and a lot of soiled furniture, Patrick came up with a unique reservoir system that feeds water directly to ...

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Artificial Scenic Window Belongs in a Casino

Sky Factory’s new programmable “SkyCeilings” is just what introverts need to raise their Sims “room” stat. In an effort to make surroundings either at home or at the work place aesthetically pleasing, Sky Factory’s ceiling creates an illusion of nature by introducing changes of light and color; all in real-time as if it actually were to simulate the local rising ...

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Huge Ceiling Clock

This ceiling clock may be massive but it does bare quite a resemblance to your night-stand companion. Doubling as both a timepiece and a functional light source, you’ll stand in amazement watching time fly by. I wonder if there’s an annoying alarm to go with it… Link (via)

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