Bodum Clara Kettle: Beautiful Brewing

I’m pretty sure that everyone likes tea. It’s a drink that’s universally refreshing, whether it’s hot or cold. Bodum has just unleashed its Clara Kettle, a tea kettle made from nearly-indestructible borosilicate glass. That means that when you try to make tea the day after your 12-hour bender, you needn’t worry about chipping this bitch.

With beautiful blue accents and multi-stovetop abilities, the Clara Kettle makes for the ultimate gift for the tea lover in your life. At $60, it’s the perfect fusion of price, art and utility.

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  1. The brand is actually Bodum.
    I have 4 double-walled glass coffee cup from them. Great design.

  2. If anyone is reading this beacause their Clara kettle has broken I am looking to buy a whistler as mine has gone missing and Bodum has discontinued this model. thanks

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