Blogger Wants To Replace Prosthetic Eye With Webcam

35-year old blogger Tanya Vlach lost one of her eyes in a car accident three years ago. Now she wants to make the best of it by replacing her prosthetic acrylic eye with an ‘eye cam’ – a webcam for her eye socket. She wants one capable of dilating with changes of light that also allows her to blink to control its zoom, focus and an on/off switch for when she sees something too obscene to record.

“There have been all sorts of cyborgs in science fiction for a long time, and I’m sort of a sci-fi geek,” said Vlach. “With the advancement of technology, I thought, ‘Why not?'”

With an eye like that she could blog her daily events and life story through her own eye’s perspective. I hope she leaves it on while in the shower. That’s a webcam blog I’d like to see!

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