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Amazing Bionic Hand

Last year a young Austrian man named Patrick was the first person in the world to choose to have his hand amputated, and fitted with a bionic replacement. The results are impressive.

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Blogger Wants To Replace Prosthetic Eye With Webcam

35-year old blogger Tanya Vlach lost one of her eyes in a car accident three years ago. Now she wants to make the best of it by replacing her prosthetic acrylic eye with an ‘eye cam’ – a webcam for her eye socket. She wants one capable of dilating with changes of light that also allows her to blink to ...

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Dean Kamen’s “Luke” Arms

The Luke Arm is the world’s first real, fully-functional prosthetic arm. The video shows Dean Kamen and the progress his team has made with the prosthesis as they work with the arm in either a remote-controlled or thought-controlled method. The Luke Arm’s silicone-rubber inner-side straps work with the arm and distribute pressure at certain areas of the body during use. ...

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The Prosthetic with a brain

Bodyhack’s Randy Dotinga was an attendant of the AAAS conference, one of the largest scientific conferences in the world, and discusses his experience sitting on the panel of the neural implants and prosthetics. The conversation quickly changed to the evolution of brain science. One matter discussed was the ability of a prosthetic to not only just be an artificial limb ...

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