Bird’s Eye View of Discovery’s Launch

On Thursday the Space Shuttle Discovery launched for the final time. Odds are that if you saw it, you were watching it on television or online. But for a few lucky people flying out of Orlando, they got to see a view of the Space Shuttle launch that very few have ever gotten.

Maybe I’m just being a big, sappy nerd but I’m going to miss the Space Shuttle program. Sure, in an age where we’re struggling to find money in the federal budget some things have to go, but I’m a firm supporter in NASA and what they do. But you know, I think I could stomach the Space Shuttle program ending a little easier if NASA would update us on the James Webb Space Telescope.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Great video. At least this one wasn’t peppered with obscenities, unlike a similar video posted at YouTube some time ago.

  2. We beat the odds and were on the East side of the causeway at Titusville to watch Discovery make it’s final ascent into space. I, too, am sad to see this era end, and feel there are lots of other taxpayer supported programs that could be eliminated, before the exploration of space.

  3. From creation I hear a single quote, that a scale rests in nature upon which all our realities float.

  4. awesome vid, thanx for sharing!!

  5. Beam me up Scotty. There hasn’t been any intelligent life on this planet since obama took control of the USA

  6. I’ve seen a shuttle launch at night from Orlando, and you could see it arch over like that as it cleared the troposphere. Great video, and perfect timing. It should be pointed out that the shuttle program is not ending due to the budget crisis. It is ending because the Clinton and “W” administrations failed to have the vision to establish a next generation shuttle. Now we have to rely on the Russians to resupply the ISS – what a huge error. And yet that crazy nut Bush said we should prepare to go back to the moon – that’s what the conservatives always do – abandon the thing that’s built and working, and funnel the previous administration’s budget surplus into something new, and then blame the democrats for raising taxes to pay for it. Anyone who thinks Obama is responsible for the present condition of NASA had better do their homework and check their facts. The only thing anybody has on Obama is that he is being held responsible for being president while black – a crime in the eyes of the overly opinionated.

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