Watch the Discovery Launch From Inside PlayStation Home

Are you a PlayStation 3 owner? If you are, you may finally have an excuse to visit PlayStation Home for a few minutes. Later today NASA will stream the final launch of the space shuttle Discovery from inside PlayStation Home.

Specifically, the event will occur within the LOOT Sunset Yacht, which is a “premium” personal space that you can pick up from the LOOT store inside PlayStation Home Mall. For those of you playing along at home, “premium” means “you have to pay for it,” more often than not. If you have the yacht, you can join up with other PlayStation Home users to watch the live stream in a group setting. According to LOOD Managing Director David Sterling, this is a golden opportunity to introduce new people to the benefits of social viewing.

The launch of the space shuttle Discovery provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce people to the fun of social viewing. Users can share this experience with their friends, regardless of where those friends happen to be in the world.

Alternatively, you can watch the liftoff from NASA’s TV Channel if you prefer convenience and never having to waste another moment of your life inside PlayStation Home.

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