Bionic Building Materials Allow Buildings To Open And Close

When it comes to futuristic technology buildings are one of the most impressive mediums of displaying this type of technology. Today we’re checking out a new bionic material that allows buildings to open and close like flowers that bloom.

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Flectofin is a material based upon the Bird of Paradise flower. The material has been around for approximately a year and just received the first ever Gips-Schüle Research Prize. The way that Flectofin works when implemented in building structures is that it functions as a façade shading system and swings open and closed based on the position of louvers that are attached to a bendable rod. Turning the louver downward bends the rod and opens the Flectofin surface, while turning the louvers up straightens the rod out which swings the Flectofin closed. Sure, a little more work than the automatic closing and opening of the flowers in nature, but a pretty neat concept all the same.


The Theme Pavilion in Yeosu, South Korea is an example of Flectofin in action and was built by Vienna-based Soma architecture. The Pavilion might be the only large scale implementation of Flectofin in action at the moment but it’s sure to implemented on a larger scale in the near future and we can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

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