11 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Kids 2021

If you grew up in the early 90s and 2000s, chances are you woke up early on weekends to watch cartoons in the morning before everyone else got out of bed. You probably ate a bowl of cereal while watching the best of what television had to offer, cartoon-wise. 

Back when cable television was a huge part of our lives, none of us had the chance to watch as many episodes of a show as we might have liked because it only came on the air once a week or at an odd time in the middle of the night. 

Life wasn’t as simple for millennial children like it was for kids these days, especially kids who love cartoons. 

If your kids are sick of the shows available on streaming services and want to watch cartoons elsewhere, then you’re in good hands. 

11 best websites to watch cartoons online for kids in 2021

Have you been trying to find ways for your kids to watch cartoons online but don’t know where to look? Don’t worry! We’ve put this guide together to help you find the best websites to watch cartoons. 

1. WatchCartoonOnline
2. Cartoons On
3. YouTube
4. Cartoon Network HQ
5. ToonJet
6. Super Cartoons
7. WatchCartoonOnline.bz
8. WatchCartoonsOnline.cc
9. Boomerang
10. Cartoonito
11. WCO 

1. WatchCartoonOnline

Image: WatchCartoonOnline

Our first pick is WatchCartoonOnline. If you’re an anime fan and you want to get your kids hooked on it from a young age, then this is the website that’s got you covered. If anime isn’t your thing, you don’t need to worry because WatchCartoon online has a wonderful collection of other cartoons to choose from, 

The best part about this website is that it genuinely has something for everyone. There are older and more classic cartoons for the adults who want to live out their youth for a little bit, and there are loads of more age-appropriate shows for younger children. There’s also a huge movie selection. 

This website releases new episodes every week of Japanese shows; this is because it is best known for its anime selection. 

You can find both dubbed and subtitled versions of all your favorite cartoons, and you will always find new releases on the homepage of the website. 

WatchCartoonOnline is a free website. 

2. Cartoons On

Cartoons On
Image: Cartoons On

The following website that we’re recommending to watch cartoons online for free is Cartoons On. This website has got something for everyone. From anime to Disney and Pixar, Cartoon Network to Marvel, Cartoons On will leave you feeling spoiled for choice. We love this website because it’s free and has a simple UI, which makes it easy for you to use. 

You simply need to go to the search engine on the website to find the show you want to watch, or you can simply scroll through the website’s homepage, and you’ll find multiple recommended shows. 

There are several different shows to choose from, from a variety of various animation studios. 

3. YouTube

Image: YouTube

In case you’re not familiar, though we assume you most probably are, YouTube is a gold mine when you’re looking for something to watch. There’s no limit to what you can find to watch on YouTube, from tutorials on how to tie a shoelace to the best cartoons from the 90s. If you’re wary about watching cartoons on a website that you’ve never heard of, then we’d recommend looking for cartoons on YouTube. 

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You’ll be able to find your favorite versions of shows on YouTube, and you can even find fan edits and theories. 

4. Cartoon Network HQ

Cartoon Network HQ
Image: Cartoon Network HQ

Cartoon Network is another classic! Any kid who grew up watching shows on Cartoon Network fondly remembers this website as a place that made problems like math homework disappear for an hour or so. You can watch shows like Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls. 

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to watch whole episodes of your favorite cartoons on this website, but only short clips. However, we hope that you won’t be too disappointed by being able to watch small clips from shows, because instead, you can play various games designed with the characters from the shows instead! 

You get to take a break while your kids spend some time playing cartoon-themed games

We love this website because it’s easy to use, colorful, and engaging for young children. 

5. ToonJet

ToonJet is another website that contains several of those classic cartoons that we all loved as children but that our kids might not be familiar with today. If you want your children to watch shows like Popeye the Sailor Man and early Mickey Mouse, then this is the website for you. This is one of the better free cartoon websites, especially if your children aren’t comfortable with using the internet on their own. 

The website’s UI is simple and easy to use, and it has plenty of older cartoons to choose from. If you want to interact with other community members and reminisce about cartoons, you can create an account and talk to other members of this website in the community section. However, we’d recommend keeping an eye on your kids if they plan to do the same, just in case there are some oddballs out there trying to talk to innocent young kids online! 

6. Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons
Image: Super Cartoons

Super Cartoons offer users a slightly different way to watch cartoons than some of the other items mentioned above. If you don’t know what show you want to watch or which studio to watch it from, that’s okay! Super Cartoons gives you the option of choosing a character from a show. This way, if your kids want to watch a show with Goofy in it, for example, they can click on the button labeled Characters, and you can select the show you want to watch. 

This website’s UI is easy to use, and it’s easy for kids to use as well. While there are several advertisements littered throughout the pages, you won’t have to worry about them affecting your streaming experience. 

We love this website because of how easy it is to use, the number of shows and characters to choose from, and the fact that it is free!

7. WatchCartoonOnline.bz

Image: WatchCartoonOnline.bz

WatchCartoonOnline.bz has a wide selection of cartoons to choose from. Please make sure that you monitor your kids if you decide to watch cartoons on this website because the shows are for kids and adults alike. There are several shows that aren’t appropriate for young children, and you don’t want them to watch those! 

This website has a wide collection of shows to choose from, such as Josie and the Pussycats and The Jetsons, to more adult-friendly shows like Family Guy and American Dad. We love this website because it allows users to stream content from popular services like Netflix for free! It has all the latest episodes of various shows. To access them, all you need to do is go to the website’s homepage, and you will find all of the newest episodes from the cartoon shows that you want to watch. 

This website also has several cartoons and animated movies to watch. If you want some peace and quiet for a couple of hours, pop a movie on for your kids to watch, and take some time for yourself! 

8. WatchCartoonsOnline.cc

Image: WatchCartoonsOnline.cc

Just like the first pick on our list, WatchCartoonsOnline.cc offers you a massive selection of anime to choose from. There are hundreds of anime shows to watch, but if your children aren’t interested in anime, that’s okay. This is because there are quite a few American cartoon shows to choose from. However, it’s important to note that anime is where this website’s strengths lie! 

You can choose to watch shows in Japanese, with English subtitles, or you can watch the shows as they have been dubbed in English. 

One of the best features of this website is that it has a forum where you can interact with other anime fans. Once again, we’d recommend that you monitor your kids when they use this website. You never know who’s lurking in the forum, trying to prey on young children and creep them out! 

9. Boomerang

Image: Boomerang

We’re very close to the end of our list! One of our final picks is Boomerang, a subscription-based cartoon streaming service. If you’re disappointed that we didn’t include only free websites on this list, we apologize! Boomerang is one of the best streaming websites out there, and it’s made even better by the fact that it is purely for cartoon watching. 

If your kids want to watch shows like Courage the Cowardly Dog or Tom and Jerry, then this is the platform you should consider. You can all watch these old favorites online in HD quality. The best part about Boomerang is that you can watch cartoons on your laptop or desktop, and you can download the mobile app to watch cartoons on the go. 

10. Cartoonito

Image: Cartoonito

Cartoonito is perfect for kids younger than four years old. If you want your children to watch shows that are light, mellow, and simple, then Cartoonito is the website for you to choose! 

All of the cartoons on this site are perfect for small children because they are simple, full of meaning, and they lack violence and hyperactive voices. 

We love this website because of how simple it is and age-appropriate it is for young children. The best part about this website is that it also has several games that your kids can play if they get sick of watching cartoons. It’s also free, which is an added bonus! 

If you’ve been searching for a website that has relaxed and easy-to-watch content, then this is the website for you and your small children. 

11. WCO 

Image: WCO

If for whatever reason, the websites we’ve written about so far haven’t appealed to you, then we’d recommend WCO, which is our bonus pick. It has all the latest episodes from popular streaming sites and television, and all of the content on this website is very easy to find. 

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Additionally, it has a beautiful selection of dubbed anime. If dubbed anime isn’t for you, then you can also watch anime with subtitles. The best part about the UI of this website is that the dubbed and subbed anime are in two separate tabs, which means that you can easily find exactly what you want to watch. 

This website is entirely free and very easy to use. 


Here are some frequently asked questions about the best websites to watch old cartoons for free. 

Is watching cartoons on free sites illegal?

The short answer to this question is no. However, it’s important to note that you need to be aware of where you’re located when you watch cartoons on a free website. In some cases, certain websites might be banned by the government of the country that you’re in, which means that you might need a VPN to stream content that is otherwise unavailable to you.

Additionally, some websites use illegal licenses to download and stream cartoon shows to young children. We’d advise you to use these websites sparingly and with caution. 

Are online cartoon sites safe?

The answer to this question depends on which website you’re streaming cartoons from. While some websites are safe and free from viruses, other websites contain all sorts of harmful data that could harm the system that you’re using. 

Before you stream content from any of the cartoon websites mentioned above, we’d recommend that you download or purchase an antivirus program to protect your computer from any harmful threats or data. That way, when you go to a particular website, your antivirus software will automatically block you from proceeding to the website. 

Can cartoons be harmful to your children?

No, they cannot. Cartoons are designed with children in mind, which is why they don’t contain any negativity or offensive content. 


This article took you through a list of the best websites to watch cartoons from in 2021. The majority of the websites that we listed are free, and all of them have a wide selection of shows to choose from. Please proceed with caution, but don’t forget to enjoy what you’re watching!

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