Because It’s Friday: The Ramones Pasta Sauce

Taking a page from the book of KISS, Marky Ramone, former drummer of the primordial punk band The Ramones, has moved into uncharted ground for the punk movement with his newest product launch, Marky Ramone’s Brooklyn’s Own Pasta Sauce. Here’s Marky’s explanation:

�You see, I made it with my grandpa; he was a chef at 21 Club. I watched him as a little boy, and then when I got older, I lived alone at 18, and so pasta sauce and spaghetti was the cheapest thing around,� says Ramone. �I got really good at making it, and so I am excited I get to share my recipe with others. And I got to do the artwork on bottle, and it�s really cool looking. Soon it will be sold in stores; right now you can only get it online and in restaurants.�

Does this take away some of his “punk” cred? Perhaps. But a man’s gotta make a living somehow. Buy your own case of Marky Ramone Pasta Sauce from the drummer’s official site. You’ll also be able to buy the sauce in stores soon as well.

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