Gene Simmons Tongue Hoodie: KISS Army Gear


Even though I was born in 1986, I’ve been rocking out to KISS since the late 70s? Not possible you say? It is if you happen to know the secret to time travel. A secret in which I’m about to reveal to you all. And that secret is (redacted by CIA). Ahhh, I feel better with that off my chest.

This awesome Gene Simmons Hoodie from Black Rhino caricatures the demon’s distinctively long appendage. No, not that big ole Jew nose of his (I’m so allowed), but that ridiculously long tongue.

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  1. Seen hoodie on family jewels my ole man has too have it. He actually stopped the recording @ that spot so he could show me when I got home and then finished watchin the show. How can I get it??

  2. I got mine, brand new from ebay. They are awesome!!!!!

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