Because It’s Friday: Amazing Dating Videos from the 80s

Back in the 1980’s there was no such thing as eHarmony. In fact, there was barely an effective matchmaking system that didn’t occur on game shows. If you didn’t meet your soul mate in high school, there was no sitting on your ass in front of a computer screen. You actively had to seek out the dating scene by bar hopping, clubbing the night away, hanging around playgrounds, etc.

But there was one other option! Yes, it was dating videos, personalized clips in which you describe your wants, your needs, your quirky behavior or whatever it was that people talked about in the 80s. Here are some awesome examples of what the ladies had to choose from. There were still plenty of fish in the sea, unfortunately half of them had mullets and about 90% had creeper mustaches.


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  1. They Guy who doesn’t like smokers look like a fat weired al yankovic

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