Awesome Handpainted Super Mario Bros High-Top Sneakers


Time to retire your old Chuck Taylors. There is finally a worthy high-top successor. Handpainted by Rachelle Williams of ParadoxArtistry, these Super Mario Sneakers feature all of your favorite Mario characters, custom crafted onto a pair of high-tops.

These are so awesome it hurts. $160 will snag you a pair of these sneaks or you can choose from a butt load of other awesome shoes offered on their Etsy store. They are even taking orders for custom sneakers. I’ll take a Gearfuse-themed pair!


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  1. Can you customize a hand printed shoe for me? If possible it would be greatly appreciated if you could. I can’t find anywhere where someone can do it for me. I’m really hoping you guys could.

  2. i want these shoes where do i buy them at???

  3. Hey, great design. I would like some info about it. Pease tell me about the paint you use for it. I want a pair.

  4. I want a pair of these where can I buy some.. my friend is a mario fanatik her birthday is coming up these are perfect..

  5. Where can I buy shoes like this

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