Awesome Dad Creates Rad Lunch Bag Art Every Day and Blogs About It


If only my father was half as cool as this guy. Pretty much every single day this father creates a new piece of art on his kids lunch bags. He uses his lunch break to craft these awesome drawings. Sometimes they are known characters, but most of the time the art is inspired by obscure cartoons or YouTube videos. He than takes a photo of the art and posts it on his Lunch Bag Art Tumblr blog.

Lucky friggen’ kids. Even in my 20s I wouldn’t mind having someone draw me some awesome lunch bag art, especially if they all had such awesome subjects as “Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar.” You just have to make sure no one tries to steal your food. After the jump you’ll find a few more of his more recent works.





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  1. Are they playing Pong on that dinosaur’s stomach?

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