Automatic taps make your private toilet look like a public toilet… in a good way



Have you ever thought of bringing those automatic water taps in public toilets home? Takaratomy is selling these Pitap add-ons that you can easily install on to any tap you want. So when you have oily hands and just want to rinse them off you don’t have to make your taps oily anymore, all you have to do is to put your hands close enough to the sensor and the water will run. You can turn off the sensor and resume to manual control if you wish to leave it running to fill up the sink. You can also install one of these in your bathroom to make teeth-brushing and shaving easier. However the company warns users against installing over the shower head for some reason (wouldn’t that be great?). The Pitap runs on AAA battery and are selling at $70 in Japan now. — Sam Chan

Pitap [Takara-tomy]

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