Audio Couture Ghetto Blaster Bag


Yo, girl! You comin’ from the Bronx?
Nah, bitch. I was sleepin’ like a fox.
Oh, true. You wanna go shop?
Of course, girl! Now watch me pop and lock (and kick it)

You know you want to dance
You’ve gotta move your feet
No more mister nice guy
Let’s move it off the street (now kick it)

My new purse is a boombox
From Audio Couture
Pumps out music from my iPod
These tunes become my cure (now kick it)

Stop, babe. Now hold on quick.
Last week you were all over his dick
Back off, bitch! Cant’cha see?
My shit got design from Loop NYC (said NYC)

You got a 3.5mm input
Now that’s a win

Just pick up your iPod and go to plug it in

Next thing thing you know, your ass will be shakin‘.

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