Atomizing Electronic Cigarette: No Smoke, All Nicotine


No doubt about it. Smoking is a harmful, and more importantly, expensive habit. This Atomizing Electronic Cigarette at least makes it less harmful to those around you. The cigarette contains no tar or other polluting substance and you don’t even need to ignite it.

The emitted “smoke” is an atomized mist from a tobacco alkaloid; meaning it produces no harmful second-hand smoke. The smokers’ addiction is covered with highly purified medical grade tobacco alkaloid and the normal dose of nicotine. No word on how it mixes with other smoker electronics. Available now for $374. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. I bought from this from china:

    I can’t say how good this wonderful gadgets.! I smoke in office, at home, even in public place. no fire, safe 🙂

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