Are You Smarter Than A 12-Year-Old?

It’s another exciting installment of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? except in this episode we’re going to get schooled by 12-year old Elizabeth Rintels on techniques for going green. The By Kids For Kids �Going Green Challenge� is a contest that enables the youth to showcase their concerns and awareness of our dieing planet. It also shows how not every eco-friendly idea has to be transportation related.

And Elizabeth did just that, displaying her idea of the “Water Watcher,” a device that you hook onto your shower faucet which signals a red light and sounds a beep every time a half-gallon of water is used. Want to play with water? Get the Waterboard. Other than that, be wary of the water you waste every time you flush. Elizabeth ended up winning the $10,000 dollar cash prize and quite possibly saved the planet from turning into a barren wasteland. Or at least prolonged the inevitable.

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