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Are You Smarter Than A 12-Year-Old?

It’s another exciting installment of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? except in this episode we’re going to get schooled by 12-year old Elizabeth Rintels on techniques for going green. The By Kids For Kids “Going Green Challenge” is a contest that enables the youth to showcase their concerns and awareness of our dieing planet. It also shows how ...

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Pantech Concept Phones make an appearance at CTIA

Seeing all of these Pantech concept phones in public is as rare as a understandable sentence coming from Ozzy Osbourne’s mouth. Meaning it almost never happens. Visitors of the CTIA conference were lucky enough to see a showcase of these concepts. Pantech says that not only is it rare for these phones to be shown together in public, but they ...

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Golf Ball Launcher, a new way to justify wearing that ugly plaid outfit

At first look, the Golf Ball Launcher looks like an oversized badass shotgun, manned by some Rambo-esque figure. Though, with much of the tech product world, first looks can be deceiving. Despite its dangerous appearance, it is actutally a new tool for one of the less violent games. This golf ball launcher attached to this mullet-donning man’s hands is actually ...

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