Apple Keynote Roundup

Do you hear that? Those are the crickets chirping.

Apple performed its last Macworld Keynote today sans Steve Jobs. Instead, Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller delivered it and boy was it lackluster. A lot of software upgrades for iWork, iLife, etc. iPhoto has some new features and will be Apple’s Google Docs rival for cloud collaboration. You can also take music lessons via GarageBand with artists like Sting and Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy.

After the software came the only hardware upgrade; the 17-inch Macbook Pro. New battery, new display and thinner. Same old bullshit that all the other Apple laptops got a few months ago.

It ended with an iTunes information regarding more DRM-free tracks and variable pricing on music. Tony Bennett played. Lame.

Apple fans are clearly disappointed.


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