AlphaGrip Handheld Computer Makes You Look Like An Alien


When I first caught glimpse of the AlphaGrip, I thought to myself “Well, I guess the jig is up. We humans had a fine run on Earth but the alien visitors have finally landed.” I was relieved to discover that the AlphaGrip Handheld Computer is actually a very terrestrial device. A high-performance high-speed portable concept computer made for gamers.

The AlphaGrip features a overall killer hit list of interface specs, such as handwriting recognition so you can use a stylus to write directly to the screen, a 10 finger touch typing system, a thumb-controlled trackball, and buttons that are positioned to increase typing speed up to 200%, while maintaining a pretty dainty size measuring only 6 5/8 x 6 3/8 x 3.5 inches, with an optional folding display of just 3 inches across.



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