Afternoon Linkage for July 15th, 2008

This Friday and all weekend, Ryan and I will be covering the The Last HOPE in New York. We hope you’ll swing by and say hi to us, but if you can’t, at least you still have these links to make you wet.

  • Pump the bubbles up!
  • Looking for something new in talk radio?
  • The Cylon Toaster
  • Check out Philly’s latest robot festival
  • I live right by this graffiti and every time I see it, I’m still blown away
  • Living LEGOs
  • The Xbox 360 is now a Nintendo Wii
  • Intel has announced its Centrino 2 CPU
  • A recycled tote bag seems like a smart idea
  • I wouldn’t call this robot steampunk but it looks awesome nonetheless
  • Venus in front of the Sun
  • Guitarists: Make your own DIY FootController

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