Local Sounds: WHYY 91 FM

Each day, as I read the news and write pieces on technology, art or even just my blog, I’m almost always listening to National Public Radio. More specifically, I listen to my hometown NPR station, WHYY 91 FM from Philadelphia, PA. WHYY offers a unique listening experience that’s really unmatched on both traditional and Internet radio. With shows like Car Talk, All Things Considered and Fresh Air (which is produced in Philadelphia) in addition to a wide range of news, music and politics, I feel informed and never out of the loop.

If you’ve got some time and want to hear fresh, new content, I suggest streaming WHYY online from WHYY.org. I just open it up in iTunes and leave it on for days, usually falling asleep to it. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite local NPR station. If you do, we’ll be sure to include it in the post so people have other sources of radio to check out.


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