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Have you checked out 10 Alternatives to the Wii Fit?

Here’s a delicious helping of good reads from around the ‘net.

  • The Plan Station – Begging for a lawsuit from Sony
  • Canondale has an iPod concept that could change the way you cycle
  • PS3 games are getting realtime advertising
  • Iraq Voice Response Translator test…in Brooklyn
  • Short on cash? Build your own Slingbox
  • Branch Bookshelf – Profiting from the Earth’s destruction!

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    1. Why bother building your own sling box. if your pc has a video capture device/ tuner go to there you can download a program that will stream all your media ( and cable tv if you have a tuner card) all ove the internet wherever you may roam, it also works with palm pilots and the i-phone

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