Add a camera lens to your Nokia 6280


It’s true that camera phones are improving all the time, but the optics installed in them are still as crappy as ever. You might not want to go to the extreme that this guy did, but you can definitly sit and admire. Using the power of the mod, this Nokia 6280 has an added 36x optical zoom lens added on to its crappy stock hardware.

Of course, throwing an SLR lens onto a camera isn’t going to make your mobile phone any more “mobile” (actually, it will make it a non-mobile phone). This modder used a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens, and recommends using a similar lens to produce a workable focal point. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. hah this guy like digimon

  2. its a good idea, I’ve thought about it my self, but there has to be some smaller lenses out there, maybe from some old 110 cameras or newer small digials…. even go one step farther and either have the lense attach to the phone with double sticky tape or velcro………….. so many times I’ve seen something really cool or really funny and tried to get a picture with my cell phone……. almost never works, but when it does…..(Priceless)

    I have to go to a camera shop or maybe a camera show…… some old things out there should be cheap and waiting to be recyled…….

    sounds like a possible accessory sale

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