Accelerometer keeps track of burned calories

the accelerometer

With people these days worrying about how many calories they eat and how many they burn off, many of them need a way to count burned calories. Thatís where the Accelerometer comes in. this is a gadget that will track the number of calories you burn after you simply punch in some numbers, namely your weight. Itís supposed to measure all of your movements, including their frequency, duration, and intensity, so it can figure out how many calories you burn in a day. It also can store up to 9 days of information, so you can check and see how youíve improved. Now hereís where the rub comes in: this has a clip attached to it so you can hook it to your belt. Whatís the problem with that, you might ask. Well, my arms and legs do a lot more moving during the day than my waist, so calculating the number of burned calories looks a little flawed. The other problem is that the LCD that displays your burned calories faces outward on your belt, and if youíre self-conscious, that might be a problem for you. For only $50, if you have that same New Yearís Resolution as the rest of the world (you know what it is) then maybe this wouldnít be such a bad investment after all. — Nick Rice

The Accelerometer  [via Uber-Review]

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