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Count Your Calories Before You Consume Them

calorie counter

Trying to watch what you eat? There’s help around the corner. If you have so far been relying on self-tracking devices like Fitbit to give you a count of the calories you burn, it may just about be the right time to think about taking the next step – measuring the calories on your plate before you consume them. Sure, there are apps that let you enter calorie estimates and manual diet charts you can consult to keep track of your calorie consumption. But let’s face it, they aren’t nearly as accurate as you would like them to be. GE researchers believe they might have a great solution: a device capable of directly measuring the calories in your food.

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Calorie-counting Patch Will Call You A Fatass

Having trouble losing weight? This little patch is about to change all that. It’s being produced by a company called PhiloMetron and here’s how it works: slap it on your arm and sensors will measure your energy and calorie intake. From there, the data is beamed to your phone via Bluetooth where you can measure how much you’ve eaten in ...

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Accelerometer keeps track of burned calories

With people these days worrying about how many calories they eat and how many they burn off, many of them need a way to count burned calories. That�s where the Accelerometer comes in. this is a gadget that will track the number of calories you burn after you simply punch in some numbers, namely your weight. It�s supposed to measure ...

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