7 Car Repair Tools to Keep in Your Garage

7 Car Repair Tools to Keep in Your Garage

Whether you enjoy working on your car or you want to cut costs associated with car maintenance and repair, having the right tools is crucial. Although some automotive tools can be expensive, they can save you a lot of time and money over the years, thus providing a great return on investment. As a car owner, you probably have screwdrivers, wrenches, or ratchets in the garage. But besides these standard tools, you should also consider getting more specialized tools for different types of emergencies. 

Here are seven helpful tools to keep in your garage. 

1. Torque Wrench 

A torque wrench is a helpful hand tool that will help you tighten bolts at the specific torque set by the manufacturer. Most fasteners come with their torque specification, and if you don’t follow it, some components may not work properly. A bolt that is either too tightened or too loose can cause problems, especially when you work on the engine or transmission gear. 

2. Plastic Welder 

A car has several plastic components that can end up breaking in time. But many car owners don’t realize they can easily repair a damaged plastic part instead of replacing it. For easy plastic repairs on your car, consider keeping an airless plastic welder in your garage. This tool can help you quickly repair any plastic part and restore both its functionality and look.

3. Ratchet Extender   

Realizing that you cannot get your socket into a tight place is one of the most frustrating things that can happen while fixing your car. To avoid making additional trips to the hardware store, consider getting a ratchet extender. This extension tool is easy to use: you simply attach your ratchet at one end and the socket at the other end. Then, you can use this system to tighten or loosen bolts that were impossible to reach with the socket alone. 

4. Impact Wrench 

A portable impact wrench is a valuable addition to your toolkit, and it’s one of the tools that professional mechanics use most often. An impact wrench helps you remove fasteners when hand tools fail you. In some cases, you may find it challenging to remove an old or corroded fastener with a hand tool, but an impact wrench can do the job in an instant. By quickly removing stuck fasteners, an impact wrench can save hours of your time in the long term. 

5. Vacuum Pump 

A vacuum pump is another example of a valuable tool that can help you save a lot of time when working on your car. This tool helps you easily flush old brake and power-steering fluids and add fresh fluid. Although you can perform these operations without the pump, it takes a lot more time, and you may even need another person to assist you. A vacuum pump is also vital for finding leak sites and measuring the vacuum on the manifold. 

6. Pliers 

Pliers are a must-have for both professional and amateur mechanics. From loosening tight bolts to stripping wires, you can use pliers to perform a wide range of repairs. Depending on your budget, you can purchase a standard pair of pliers or a full set. Either way, you can find many uses for this handy tool. Because pliers are used routinely, choose high-quality pliers. Cheap pliers tend to break easily. 

7. Jump Starter 

Car batteries can die in the most unexpected moments, and without access to a jump starter, there’s not much you can do. A jump starter will save you whenever your battery is dead, so you can continue with your day without major disruptions. As long as your car is within the range of the jump cables, you can quickly bring your battery back to life. Moreover, when repairing or testing the car’s various electronic components, you may deplete the battery unknowingly, so having a jump starter gives you more freedom of action. Choose a compact jump starter that doesn’t take up a lot of space in your garage. 

There are many situations when fixing minor car issues at home is more convenient than going to an auto repair shop. Moreover, taking care of car repair and maintenance tasks yourself will help you understand much better how your car works and how to avoid future problems. Professional mechanics cost a lot of money, so investing in repair tools can be more cost-effective, especially since these tools can serve you well for years. There’s nothing more rewarding than having the right tool at the right moment when you’re deeply focused on work. 

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