6 Ingenious Ways to Personalize your Workspace


Apart from your house, you spend the greatest amount of time in a day in your workspace. That’s at least 40 hours a week. No matter what your profession is, work can get tedious. Mondays are always hard; and you find yourself dragging your feet by the time the weekends roll around. Finding the motivation and energy to keep a positive attitude about work can be pretty difficult as it is but if your workspace is drab and dull, it just becomes that much harder.

If your workspace is too crowded, unorganized or just plain boring you might want to reconsider and make some changes. If prettying up your desk is not your thing, we get it. But there are plenty of other ways to make it interesting. Here are some of our ideas:

  1. Keep pictures of your family, friends on your desk.

A great way to add some personal touch by putting up pictures of your loved ones where you can always see them. Buy some nice photo frames, select some pictures that mean a lot to you and get to work. It helps personalize your desk but the pictures also serve as reminders of what it is you’re working so hard for and that might be just the motivation you need.

  1. Color co-ordination.

Pick a color – any color – and jazz up your workspace with it. You can buy mugs, picture frames, pen holders, files and almost everything else that come in the color of your choice and give your space a nice look. Choosing a combination of colors can also work. Light color schemes will help brighten up your office and make you feel welcome where you work. Make sure it looks inviting and warm. While black-and-red looks great in your bedroom, it might be unwise to render too many dark tones to your desk.

  1. Flowers are your friends.

Research says flowers help increase productivity in the workspace. So not only do they look (and smell) nice, they can also help you focus better. Some of the popular choices of flowers for sprucing up workspaces are lavenders, lilies and orchids because of their interesting colors and pleasant aroma.

  1. Like movies? Let it show.

If you’re a movie buff you can put up posters of your favorite movies all around your workspace. It also works with music (posters or art of bands or artists), personalities (find someone inspirational? Share it with the world) and inspirational words. These reflect your personality and can double as great conversational starters when things at work get slow and you find yourself itching for a break from the routine.

  1. Aroma therapy.

Good aroma can be a great stimulant for the senses. It can help you unwind, relax and concentrate. You can find things like potpourri, scented candles, flowers etc. to help you get through each day of work in a good mood.

  1. Accessorize your workspace.

Desk accessories like cute work notebooks, organizers, pen holders, travel mugs, mouse pads, desk lamps, book shelves etc. can really make your workspace look colorful and interesting. Add some color, clear the clutter and get creative.

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