5 Tips for Creating Amazing Gaming Videos


Once upon a time there was a used video game store. And within the walls of this used video game store there was a former blogger (who may, or may not be named Andrew) who was doing everything within his power to bring customers into his beloved store. And in this effort, he made some videos. Ee-ii-ee-ii-oo.

Creating greatĀ online video game shows doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are five tips which can lead you on your way to creating amazing gaming videos. Don’t believe me? Follow me over here!

1. Plan it out: You should always have a plan of attack when attempting to launch any new project, but video content in particular is reliant on good planning. Just as any major TV studio has a programming schedule, you must too have some sort of schedule for your show. Keep up to date with new releases. Leading a web show to success relying on nothing more than a “spur of the moment” attitude spells disaster from the very beginning.

2. Know your stuff: Be an authority. Its been said a billion times, but don’t let its cliched nature lead you to believe it’s any less important. If you don’t know anything about video games, a video show about video games probably isn’t the niche you want to etch out for yourself. If you have true passion for your subject, it will show, I promise. And you will certainly reap the benefits.

3. Be Consistent: In other words, update often, and update with greatness. Don’t force a crappy video on an unsuspecting public, just because your deadline tells you too. You should always ask yourself if you’d be entertained watching your video. And maybe even more importantly, would you come back to watch more?

Don’t let too much time pass between videos, because your fans WILL become antsy. It’s internet law; impatience will rear its ugly head before you know it. But hey, if they’re begging for more you must be doing something right.

4. Get some decent equipment: Nobody is saying that you need to run out and spend $1000+ on a camera. You can create awesome content with a sub-$200 camera and a sub-$100 mic. But you don’t want your gaming show to look like it’s being producing with a Logitech webcam from 1996. Production value does mean something to your eager audience, but it doesn’t mean everything.

5. Be social: We are living in a social interweb. In the beginning, being social will be your only real way to spread the word of your epic masterpiece. So don’t just be social, be VERY social. Build yourself a reputation of authority and the word-of-mouth advertising will come. Combine these tips with a bit of creativity and a whole fist-full of hard work, and you’ll be well on your way to creating amazing gaming video content.

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