5 Solid Advantages Of Inside The WaistBand Holsters

Carrying a firearm in public can be intimidating for others. The best is to hide it and keep it in a holster that will ensure security. 

An Inside The Waistband or IWB holster provides deep concealment; When you start wearing it, it might take some time for you to get accustomed to it. But an IWB holster is really advantageous and can save you from all the hard work.

waistband holsters

Here are 5 super advantages of carrying your firearm in an IWB holster.

  1. Better protection than OWB holster: OWB holsters, as the name suggests, dangles outside and invariably draw people’s attention. Yes, if you want to keep criminals at bay, then slide it on the belt and flaunt it, but that way, you will scare away people as well. It can be the source of a ruckus. So, considering the cons of showing it off, it is better to conceal it properly by carrying it in an IWB holster because it doesn’t take much time for untoward situations to become grave. 
  1. You can ditch a belt: You can wear a gun holster with your daily clothing. In fact, you will be thrilled to know that it is not customary to use a belt while using an IWB holster because some come with clips, and you can attach them to the hem of your trouser easily. Now, using a belt is more convenient, considering the fact that it holds the maximum weight of your gun and prevents it from hanging loosely. However, if your firearm is smaller in size, there is no need to go for a belt. 
  1. Wear clothes according to your will: Since an IWB holster is tucked inside neatly and is not conspicuous, you can go for any outfit you like. No, people around you will not understand that you have a weapon on you. Now, outside the waistband contributes to a cluttered look. To keep your gun tightly secure against your torso, you must wear a belt that can be fastened tightly. Now, this can be a bit of a challenge for everyday use. 
  1. Wear a shirt without having to tuck in: Using an OWB holster makes tucking in a shirt mandatory, but that is not the case if you choose to use an IWB holster. You can keep the gun concealed inside your jacket and pull it out quickly in the hours of need. 
  1. IWB is good for you because it keeps your gun safe: If you have an active lifestyle, choosing the right holster is crucial to ensure that it doesn’t slip out of the holster. Hence, the holster must be equipped with an iron-clad retention feature. If you are someone who comes in physical contact with numerous people, you have to pay attention to the material of the holster. It should be made of sturdy material to prevent the firearm from reacting to pressure from outside. 

Mentioned here are just a few of the many benefits of IWB holsters. No wonder why these are the first choice for most firearm owners.

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