How to Clean your Gun?

When it comes to firearm ownership, the most important rule is protection. Did you know that keeping your gun clean decreases the likelihood of an accidental discharge? A negligent discharge is a more accurate term, and it is completely avoidable if all safety procedures are followed. Before continuing with any disassembly work, make sure that any weapon is safely unloaded and cleared. A safety inspection is often a necessary first step that should be repeated as a double or triple check to ensure that the weapon is clear and secure. Knowing how to clean a gun is more than just about getting a nice-looking weapon. It’s a matter of protection. If you want to buy one good quality gun cleaning mat, you can go for Sig Sauer P320 Cleaning Mats as they are quite good to use and in decent price.

The importance of good preparation 

Choose a clean area with plenty of room to work before you begin cleaning your weapons. To prevent any errors or side effects from the cleaning chemicals, the room should be well-lit and well-ventilated. Gun enthusiasts who clean their firearms on a regular basis know that the safest place to do so is outside or in the garage. If you must clean your gun inside, do so near a window that is open.

Another expert suggestion is to remove all live ammunition from the space or area where the cleaning will be done. Empty all gun magazines and store all ammunition somewhere else before the cleaning is done. This includes eliminating all other live ammunition from the cleaning area, which reduces the risk of mishandling automatic weapons in a weapon.

Consult the Instruction Manual

Are you one of those people who discards the owner’s manual with any new device or appliance? This could be perfect for your washing machine or refrigerator, but make sure you not only hold, but also Study your gun user manual absolutely.

The details found in the owner’s manual has been written with a great deal of care and attention to detail. It’s a great resource for learning about and practising proper operation and procedures, which will help you have a safer and more complete experience. The manufacturer’s manual will show you how to safely disassemble and clean your weapons.

The majority of manuals include coloured diagrams and detailed pictures to ensure that you properly disassemble and reassemble your weapons. Can’t seem to locate the manual? Most handguns, shotguns, and rifles can be disassembled using the NRA’s Guide to Firearms Assembly, which includes written and visual guidance. There are also manuals available for particular models from different manufacturers. These are available for free download.

These points are must to take care of but these are not exhaustive and you need to take care of other things as well. You need to maintain the gun cleaning kit, have a good quality mat and make sure you don’t damage the area where you are cleaning your gun.

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