5 iOS Shortcuts Every iOS User Should Know!

Yesterday we shared some Google tips and tricks to help you to navigate your way around the web and today we found a handful of tips to help with iOS navigation too!

Apple Logo1. The split keyboard is an option for those who have trouble with the regular mobile keyboard (although for people like me it makes things MUCH more complicated!) To bring up the split keyboard just hold down the keyboard key or simply split the keyboard using your fingers. You can split the keyboard just about anywhere on the screen too if you want to.

2. Quickly get to your email drafts folder by pushing and holding the email compose button and this will bring up a list of current email drafts in your draft folder.

3. Want to check out your browser history or (if you’re a stalker) the browser history of someone else? Just press down and hold the back button on the Safari browser and you’ll get to the history log.

4. Create shortcuts to have your phone complete longer phrases for you by going to settings > General > Keyboards. At the bottom is the “Shortcuts” section where you can “Add New Shortcut”. For example add the shortcut “late” and link it to the statement “I’m running late, be there soon.”

5. Want to see when you received the last text from your significant other? Swipe a text message to the right and you’ll get the time stamp!

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