Five Google Tricks That You Should Really Know By Now!

Everyone likes to think that they’re a Google guru but chances are that there are plenty of tips and tricks that even you don’t know about. Today we want to take a look at five tricks that you should know.

Google1. Want to search within a specific time frame? For example, information on the iPhone published between 2013 and 2014? Utilize the following search method: “iPhone 2013..2014”

2. Have a favorite website and really wishing that there were more websites like it? Did you know that there’s a Google search function for that? Assuming your favorite website is Gearfuse, simply type “” in the Google search bar!

3. Want to search for one item but include all similar terms, for example “German Shepherd” and all other names for the dog breed? Use the “~” icon. An example of this would be typing the following in the Google search bar: “~German Shepherd”

4. Looking for information on a new gadget but hoping to weed out a less than reliable source in your search results? Simply type your search term followed by a minus sign and the site you wish to remove from the search results. For example: “new iPhone release date –”

5. Are you looking for a specific file type? For example only images in PNG format? Try using this file type search method: “new iPhone –filetype: PNG”

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