3 Reuses for Outdated Technology

If you’re like us and are a hardcore tech lover then you don’t want to throw anything out even when it becomes outdated. You never know when there will be a use for it again, plus there’s something nostalgic about looking back over old technology.

Take a look at 3 reuses for outdated technology.

1. The Gaming Pen Holder

Gaming Pen Holder
Via news.com.au

Okay, so we know this one will take a little bit of work and it’s not necessarily the best way to use your own gaming controllers…but it is pretty awesome! We particularly like the color that this idea brings to desk space, although it does tend to be a little bulkier than those streamlined boring pen holders.

2. The iMac Cat Bed

Via news.com.au

At some point the old iMac model just became so ridiculously cheap that we much prefer the idea of reusing it as a cat bed. Just scoop out the insides, fill with a soft comfy pillow and your cat…or really tiny dog, has a new technologically obsolete bed to call their own.

3. The iPod Cigarette Case

Via Apartmenttherapy.com

We. Love. This. Yes, it’s one of the most ridiculous ways to reuse your iPod once it becomes obsolete but we love it! If you are low on funds come next holiday and you have a tech loving smoker, this is a pretty awesome way to reuse old technology and create a slim and sightly cigarette case!

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