Pro-Idee Sofa Guard keeps Lassie off the couch

proidee sofaguard

You’ve been gone all day at work, your boss gave you a huge new project, and when you come home, all you see is your brand new couch torn to pieces with Spot sitting right next to it. This situation (at least the last part) would never have occurred if you had taken the time to invest in the Pro-Idee Sofa Guard. The Sofa Guard works by emitting a 105dB noise when anything activates its sensor (4’6″ x 11.5″ x 1.5″) which you place over whatever surface you don’t want your animal on. 105dB is loud enough to temporarily damage your ear if you are right next to it! Just hope that 1) you aren’t at home when your animal decides to lay on the furniture 2) your animal learns really fast so you don’t need the Sofa Guard anymore. The Sofa Guard features a nice roll up ability so you can place it in small places when you don’t need it. The Sofa Guard currently sells for $37. — Nik Gomez

Pro-Idee Sofa Guard [via Gizmodude]

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