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We All Live In a Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake

Inspired by The Beatles’ 1968 psychedelic animated feature, Yellow Submarine, which in turn was inspired by the song of the same name, Deviantart user Estranged Illusions created this awesome Yellow Submarine Wedding Cake. The cake itself was made using vanilla strawberry cake with strawberry filling, marshmallow fondant and white butter cream. All the frosting design was made using Color Flow ... Read More »

Edible Wedding Dress / Cake

Short on space and even shorter on cash? Looks like you’ll be cutting a lot of corners when it comes to wedding planning, which can cause bankruptcy all on its own. The Edible Wedding Dress Cake not only saves you some space in the reception hall but saves you some cash as you’ll only have to shell out for the ... Read More »

Tetris Wedding Cake Doesn’t Have Enough Tiers

When I think wedding cakes I think five foot tall tiered monsters, not one leveled gaming cakes. Don’t get me wrong, I think this cake would be absolutely AWESOME for a birthday or anniversary or even just a gaming get-together, but I think something as sacred as a geeky wedding calls for a little more than a single level Tetris ... Read More »

The Hack and Slash Zombie Wedding Cake

They totally stole my idea! Featuring multi-tiered zombie madness, the wedding cake toppers on this baked bad boy are desperately trying to be wed in holy matrimony before their brains are devoured. But will they make it in time? Next week on When Baked Zombies Attack! Link Read More »

Steampunk Wedding Cake

Believe it or not, the metallic gears, doors, rivets, and panels were all made of fondant and were entirely edible. Through our long history of steampunk fanboy-ism we’ve never come across an edible steampunk creation, so this is pretty incredible. Read More »

Star Destroyer Wedding Cake

Probably already long-ago digested and shat out by wedding guests, this Star Destroyer Wedding Cake must have been the centerpiece of the party. And if it wasn’t, I would love to see what the hell could top this (other than wedding toppers). This bad boy took a combined 15 hours to create and fed 100 people. 100 people? Give this ... Read More »