Tetris Wedding Cake Doesn’t Have Enough Tiers


When I think wedding cakes I think five foot tall tiered monsters, not one leveled gaming cakes. Don’t get me wrong, I think this cake would be absolutely AWESOME for a birthday or anniversary or even just a gaming get-together, but I think something as sacred as a geeky wedding calls for a little more than a single level Tetris cake.

They also don’t take into consideration the basic premise of the game. If these piece were all in place, the lines would have already vanished into your score. Come on people, think!

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  1. Well it’s difficult to see it with that perspective, but there is actually a gap on every row to avoid the lines from vanish 🙂

  2. AND THEY GOT THE COLOURS WRONG! if your going to be a geek at least do it right, lol.

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