February 27, 2015

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Homemade 3D Printer Made of LEGOs Constructs LEGO Creations


It took 2,400 LEGO bricks, three Mindstorms NXT kits and nine additional NXT motors to complete, but Battlebricks’ MakerLegoBot has done it. The home-constructed LEGO 3D Printer is a LEGO-created device made to compose custom LEGO creations up to 12 bricks high. The 3D LEGO Printer assembles your LEGO designs brick by brick, following print commands through a USB connection ... Read More »

How to Recover Deleted Texts, Calls and Photos from Any iPhone

Taking a page right out of the textbook for Stalking 101, the iPhone Recovery Stick USB stick is capable of recovering any text, call, photo or even website that had been previously deleted from the device. Ironically only compatible with Windows, simply plug both devices into a PC and click the Start option. The rest is handled automatically. The software ... Read More »

USB Typewriter Turns iPad into Vintage Writing Contraption

The typewriter. The ultimate forerunner of the word processor. We don’t give the typewriter enough credit for changing the world of the press. Providing fanboys of the 1880s to create fan fiction which could be read by tens of readers, instead of just himself. But since we’re in a new era. In fact, there’s probably been multiple new eras since ... Read More »

Game Boy Advance Cartridge Recycled Into a 4GB USB Flash Drive

Ahh, recycling. The ambitious man’s answer to hoarding. It might be hard for you to throw anything anyway, and that’s fine, as long as you can find some sort of meaningful use. Odds are that you’re never going to play your Game Boy Advance more than once or twice a decade for the rest of your life, so it’s time ... Read More »

Lighter USB Camera Spies on Smokers

So you’re a private eye and your subject just happens to be a chain smoker. Sounds like a pretty common problem, right? Believe it or not, about 70% of Gearfuse readers are detectives of some sort (and that’s not even counting Asian upskirt voyeurs and superheroes). The Spycam Lighter Camera looks just like your normal run of the mill cigarette ... Read More »

Power Socket Has USB Ports Built Right In

Earlier in the week we posted about a mod which would allow for two USB ports to take the place of a standard electrical socket. But why bother with a clumsy DIY when you can have the best of both worlds (like a tranny!) thanks to the TruePower UCS power socket with included USB ports. The wall socket connects right ... Read More »

How To Convert Your Wall Outlet Into a USB Charging Outlet

The future is now… almost. Soon enough, we’ll have no need for conventional electronic outlets because everything will be powered via USB. At least until everything is powered by simple kinetic energy or just by the air itself. We already have a ton of gadgets which are powered via USB, most notably the iPhone and iPod. This awesome step-by-step how-to ... Read More »

Star Wars Sandcrawler USB Flash Drive Will Horde Your Droids

Shipped directly from the Jawa of Tatooine, this Sandcrawler USB Flash Drive is the only suitable place to store images of your favorite droids. Unlike the Jawa, you’ll not likely be selling your droid images to isolated farmers of the desert planet, but you will have one kick-ass storage port. Read More »