March 5, 2015

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If Classic Movies Featured Smartphones…

Imagine a world where Citizen Kane, Casablanca, The Usual Suspects and Back to the Future featured smartphones. Watching classic cinema would be a hell of a different experience. Maybe the lack of smartphones is the reason they’re so classic in the first place? So sure, maybe Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart get a few more hours together, and yeah, Chuck ... Read More »

Transformers: The Boring Version


Megatron, such a naughty transformer. I wonder if Michael Bay director of the Transformers Saga would be up to the challenge of creating a literal Transformers movie. Come on, man, there’s definitely an opportunity for some major sparks and explosions, perhaps even some light electrocution. This version of Transformers might not be quite as exciting as the real deal, but ... Read More »

Pac-Man Couples Outfit: The Cherry is About Two-Feet Too High


With a strong desire to show up at Video Games Live in Vancouver with a fresh idea, Zenboy decided to go custom, creating an outfit for him and his wife that would be remembered and envied. Their Pac-Man Couples Outfit not only flaunts his wife’s assets, but forces its way into the psyche of every gamer attending the event. Here’s ... Read More »

Guy Uses Custom Programmed Super Mario Game to Propose

Geek hero Adam Lynch decided to put a gamer spin on the traditional act of marriage proposal by creating his own custom programmed version of Super Mario World, titled Super Dez World, in honor of his fiancee Desiree. Saturday September 11thhe tells me hes been playing around with programming video games. I think this is an awesome idea; he has ... Read More »

Traditional Greeting Hoodie: Live Long and Prosper

The cold season is well on its way. It’s about that time of the year where all of us geeky infidels take to the web to go hoodie shopping. The Traditional Greeting hoodie by Threadless is the perfect fall outer garment for both the socialite and geek buried deep down in each and every one of us. When zipped up ... Read More »

Silly Bandz Rubber Band Bracelets for Geeks

I have to admit I was sort of worried when I discovered my teenage brother had been collecting butterfly-shaped rubber band bracelets. I had no idea that these Silly Bandz were actually a “thing.” Sort of like Tamagotchi and pogs were a “thing.” I have no idea what the fascination with animal shapes is. I guess it ‘s because animals ... Read More »

The Good, The Bad and the Dark Side: R2-D2 Stormtrooper Helmet

“Hey, Artoo, you look a little different today.” “Who? Me?” “Yeah… you. Did you get a haircut?” “Uhhh… no, no, I’m on a diet. I’ve lost a few pounds.” “Ahh, that explains it. Wait… could you speak English yesterday?” “Ummm… yes?” “Oh, alright then. Carry on.” If Darth Vader ever wants to send a mole over to infiltrate the geniuses ... Read More »

Super Mario Filing Cabinets

If you were shoved into the professional world kicking and shoving, it’s our opinion that you should at least be able to decorate your office how you see fit. These filing cabinets, inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2, fit right into our personal style. The geek nation might be more apt to stick to business conventions if we just had ... Read More »

Star Wars Yoga

I guess if you’re not gifted with a feel for The Force like I am, you have to rely on other methods of balancing your spiritual and physical prowess. It’s totally understandable. Not everybody can be a student of the Jedi ways. But it’s still important to keep on your toes. You just never know when your planet might be ... Read More »

Duct Tape Tie

Duct tape, long considered to be a tool of the gods, is useful for more than just fixing anything in need of being fixed. Duct tape fashion is not necessarily a new thing. I remember seeing girls in high school who thought they were particularly unique and artsy walking around with duct tape purses. I’m not a particularly crafty man ... Read More »