Guy Uses Custom Programmed Super Mario Game to Propose

Geek hero Adam Lynch decided to put a gamer spin on the traditional act of marriage proposal by creating his own custom programmed version of Super Mario World, titled Super Dez World, in honor of his fiancee Desiree.

Saturday September 11th�he tells me he�s been playing around with programming video games. I think this is an awesome idea; he has been so busy at work that I have been trying to motivate him to do something that makes him happy. So he tells me, play my game, I put a spin on Super Mario World.

So, I start to play the game; It is now called �Super Dez Word� I get through 5 levels no problem, and even found the secret level. All the levels had names that I recognized from things we have talked about, favorite movies, etc. Well, the last level is where I started having problems. Like every video gamer, I got frustrated and didn�t want to play, but he was so persistent to get me to finish this level. So together we finished it ( he doing most of the work�) then it goes to the little cut scene and says �what is next for the hero��so I go to the next level and a black text box pops up with white lettering that said �Will you marry me��

Okay, on three. One, two, three… “Awwwwww!” If I even had even an ounce of game programming knowledge, and a girlfriend who liked gaming, or a girlfriend period, this is totally something I’d be down for doing.


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