Cylinder Ping-Pong Table looks like it would be fun for about 5 minutes

ping-pong pipe

We’ve seen our share of cool Ping-Pong tables. No doubt that the Cylinder Ping-Pong Pipe Table is a hell of a design. But how long could the novelty driven fun really last?

Yes, it would make a nice looking center piece for your penthouse. Yes, it would most likely be a fun time to spend a few minutes. But the whole beauty of Ping-Pong is not having those boundries. We want to be able to hit the ball to the moon if possible.

No doubt this table would be interesting and most likely a lot of fun. But the old flat table will be right where you left it when you come crawling back. Now, if they made the outside look better, and not just like a tree trunk wrapped in yellow tape, the design would be worth the loss of interest.

ping-pong pipe

ping-pong pipe

Andrew Dobrow

Laurent Perbos Design

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