Billetus Helios Clip Wallet Review: Ideal for the Hardworking Man


I’ve been thinking a lot about my wallet lately, thanks to Billetus. When I was a kid in the nineties obsessed with sci-fi, I always thought wallets would be touchscreen or something. We may not be there yet, but wallet design has certainly come close to sci-fi-esque practicality. I’m used to the standard wallets from brands like North Face. When ...

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Want to Sound Like a Rockstar? Try AmpliTube


Are you struggling with software to create amplification effects for your favorite guitar? Are you tired of spending money on stomp-boxes and other effect boxes to make your music sound right? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rocker, you need to get AmpliTube 4. Get ready to record some awesome tunes with this awesome software! In the past, ...

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How is Gambling TV Advertising Having an Effect?


Poker, Bingo & Casino companies have attacked our screens recently. Furthermore, is there any good reason why they wouldn’t? We all appreciate a little flutter though don’t we? Be that as it may, once in a while we require a little push to have a bet and help the gambling clubs’ offers along. More than often when you are sat ...

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3 Technology Truths Every Business Should Know


Technology, for a business, is often the deciding factor that can make or break you. So crucial is the role of technology, not only in helping to speed up processes or communicate with clients, that the day-to-day operation of a business is intrinsically linked with the hardware and software it uses to keep things running smoothly. Knowing where you stand ...

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New Technology Inspired by Nature


Nature and technology have historically been in conflict with one another. The traditional view of technology is to create unnatural things that empower people to do things that would not be possible through naturally occurring forces. However, the emergence of generative design is re-shaping how designers and inventors view the relationships between nature and technology. Through the use of generative ...

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Being Put on Hold Drives you Crazy? Hang up and Tweet #HoldNoMore


Have you ever wondered, as you wait on hold for a representative to attend to your request, if there was any easier way to get your issue sorted without having to spend your time listening to the supposedly soothing hold music offered through the phone system? If you are driven up the wall simply by being put on hold, well, ...

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PF Flyers’ RAMBLER – These Sneakers are Keepers


This post brought to you by PF Flyers. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Gearfuse. It is not surprising men, when faced with having to wear shoes for a special occasion, or even for a daily morning walk, become paralyzed. The problem with shopping shoes right now is that there is too much choice. This summer, should ...

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Runtastic Premium: Makes Sports Funatstic


What’s Runtastic? In essence, Runtastic is nothing new – it’s an app made for health and fitness buffs who want to track their performance. But what makes this app stand out is the fact that it’s a feature-rich app that really wants you to succeed and achieve your fitness goals. Runtastic actually offers different kinds of free (basic) and paid ...

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The Next Steps in Mobile Marketing

Has your marketing strategy adapted to the enormous shift from traditional media (TV, Print, Radio)? What about from fixed Internet (desktops, laptops) to mobile? If your company has a mobile-friendly version of your site and a mobile app – you may have already discovered some of the challenges and opportunities of the “mobile explosion”! Globally and in the US, we ...

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Let’s Understand How A Medical Alert System Can Save A Life


One thing that many do not know is that medical alert systems actually appeared during the eighties. While they always had a level of popularity, now that popularity is a lot higher. Statistics show that 1.8 million citizens in the US now own such a system, using it in order to get a lot of safety, which is necessary in ...

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