ZVOX 325: surround sound packed into a box

znox 325

Everyone is buying big LCD TVs these days, and many want to go the whole 9 yards with a new sound system that complements their TV. The only problem is that if you want to complement a new TV, you have to go with surround sound, and that means speakers all over your living room. Until now that is. ZVOX just came out with the ultimate sound system for just about anywhere. The ZVOX 325 is a whole surround sound system packed into a single cabinet. Not only does it act as an adequate surround sound system, it is also said to have excellent bass, so when you watch those intense action movies you�ll think your house is being bombed. The sleek design of the single cabinet will complement any new LCD TV, and a plus is that it comes in either silver or black, so it�ll match any TV. One of the biggest shockers is the price: $350. How did ZVOX manage to build a sound system that�s on par with higher-end ones, put into a single cabinet, and have such a low price? That�ll be a mystery for a while, so for now let�s just stare at the 325 in awe. — Nick Rice

ZVOX 325 [via SlashGear]

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