“You’re Beautiful, Mac” sings some girl on YouTube

[ev type=”youtube” data=”zsqi2QHXaFI”][/ev]

To be blunt (haha we too can make James Blunt puns), this video is purely agonizing. Not only do we HATE that damn song that was on the radio constantly for 6 months, but the woman’s voice (no offense because you’re pretty hot) leaves something to be desired.

I could see it starting as a good idea. A way to get more hits on YouTube. But what it turned into is something between a tribute song and a karaoke pop jam, which adds up to a really crappy cover of an even crappier song.

Even scarier is that her facial expressions are seemingly authentic as she shows her everlasting devotion to her Mac. — Andrew Dobrow

Found Video: “Mac Beautiful” [TUAW]

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