Your SIXAXIS Analog Stick is showing… you better cover that up


We know from expereince with the PS2 that sustained use of the Playstation analog sticks causes them to get gnarled groves in them from all the vicious navigation. If you are sick and tired of having to play with those crude controller sticks, check out these sets of 10 PS3 analog stick covers.

Not only do they look really cool, but they are sure to be easier on the fingers and definitly easier on the controller. They come in a choice of 5 different colored sets and are available now if you have enough Yen.


Andrew Dobrow

Product Page [Famitsu, via Kotaku]

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  1. hi,
    i interesting to try and order ps3 analog stick for sell at my shop and website in Thailand.
    pls contact me about it.
    Bobo Sabag

  2. same as bobo. sort of. Can anyone tell me where I can buy/order these from in the UK. they ‘t seem to be available anywhere.

    Cheers in advance if anyone can shed any light?

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