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Whether or not you work as a professional builder, there is a high chance that at some point in your life you will have to do some construction or renovation work at your house. For this, you will need tools that are not usually sold with standard equipment kits. If your first thought is ‘’No problem, I will just go by the store and buy them’’, you will be surprised to find out that it is unnecessary.

If you are planning a construction or renovation project check Renovator Store, chances are you will be required to perform tasks that go beyond screwing a few clamps and nailing a few wooden boards together. You will need highly complex, expensive tools that could cost you in the hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Fortunately for everybody involved, chain stores such as Home Depot are highly appreciated not only for their wide assortment of tools but for their excellent renting services as well. If you decide to rent tools from Home Depot, make sure to check this article for a better understanding of their catalogue, plans & pricing.

Why It Is A Better Idea To Rent Tools Than To Buy Them

While outright buying the tools that you need might seem like a wise long term strategy, unless you own a construction business or perform these types of projects for a living, it is not a viable option from a financial standpoint. Large-scale, niche tools or any tools that do not have day to day utility (like screwdrivers, hammers, chainsaws, and so on and so forth) are expensive both to purchase and to maintain.

Therefore, instead of spending your hard earned money on equipment pieces that you will not use more than a couple of times during your lifetime, it is a better idea to rent them. This is also a great way to approach the problem if you are looking to save money – renting the equipment for a predetermined time period will allow you to spend that money on better construction materials, new furniture or even a couple of people to help you around with various tasks.

Other factors to take into account when deciding to rent are as follows:

  • How much you will use the equipment in the next years.
  • Costs of buying and equipment how much you will use it shortly.
  • Long term maintenance costs of the equipment.
  • Knowledge and familiarity about the equipment.

Renting Prices, Policies and Other Useful Information

Now that we have established that, in the case of DIY house projects, renting the equipment is a better idea than purchasing it, the next step is familiarizing yourself with the store’s renting policies. You will be glad to find out that Home Depot’s renting policies are quite lenient. Apart from the standard renting fees (which can vary depending on the size, complexity,and purpose of the equipment), Home Depot offers what they call a ‘’damage protection service’’.

This is an optional service that, through the payment of a small charge (it is usually around 10 % of the initial renting price), the client is relieved from the obligation of covering the entire cost of the equipment pieces in case they undergo accidental damages. However, the damage protection service does not cover all situations. If the equipment suffers breakages due to intentional acts of sabotage, neglect or any type of misuse caused by a failure to read the instructions manual, the client is responsible for all replacement or repair costs that are not covered by the Damage Protection Service.

Therefore, make sure you (and your partners or associates) do the proper research to have at least a slight familiarity with how the equipment acts and functions. With that being said, it is time to figure out what tools you need for your house project.

How To Rent Equipment From Home Depot

The renting process is easy, transparent and straightforward. As soon as you enter one of Home Depot’s chain stores, approach an employee and tell them, in general lines, what your home project involves. All Home Depot employees are instructed and trained to offer provide any sort of information related to what tools you need for a certain job, how to use and to assemble them. Moreover, if you can’t figure out the instructions from the guidebook, the employee can assist you with the assembling process.

Once you figure out what tools you will need, all you have to do is set a renting period and pay a deposit. The renting periods vary – you can either rent the equipment for 4 hours, 24 or for several days, this decision is entirely up to you. A small tip that could save you a lot of money is to rent the equipment for exactly the amount of time that you need it for. For example, if it is a small-scale task, you can rent the respective tools for four hours and return them before the renting period expires.

Other than the renting policies, periods and associated fees, there is nothing much else to know about this subject. As for the tools themselves, Home Depot has a wide assortment of equipment pieces, from well-known tools to models that you have probably never even heard of before.

Home Depot Equipment Offer

One of the many things that Home Depot stores are highly appreciated by clients and industry experts alike are their wide assortment of tools. The list ranges from regular, day to day tools, such as hammer, screwdrivers, chainsaws to large-scale construction equipment pieces like skid steers, trenchers, chipper shredders and mini-excavators.

But where Home Depot truly shines is in offering tools that you will not usually find at your regular corner hardware store. If your home project involves renovating the exteriors of the house, the store offers a wide range of safety tools, such as aluminum and fiberglass ladders, as well as scales.


In the age of DIY and comprehensive Internet tutorials, getting the necessary equipment for various home projects has never been easier. While there a case to be made for permanently purchasing tools and owning them for life, renting obscure and highly specific tools is a better idea from both a practical and financial perspective. Make sure to read through this guide, and you will find all the information that you need about renting tools from Home Depot.

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